About Us

Our History


 In the spring of 1975, there was a group of individuals who came together with a common interest. Advocacy towards the welfare of animals within the Hays community.

These people gave their time to organize a public fundraiser in order to start the construction of an animal shelter in March of 1977. Construction began in August of 1977 and the shelter had its “Grand Opening” on May 12th, 1978.

Over the next few years there was a spike in incoming animals at the shelter. It became apparent that the current shelter was just too small. So, a second fundraiser was organized in December of 1981 for a new addition. Construction on the new addition finished in May of 1983.

By the end of the 1980s the Hays Humane Society was providing services throughout northwest Kansas so it was at this time that they changed the shelter’s name to Humane Society of the High Plains.

In 1993, Paul Miller wished to have a new animal shelter built in memory of his beloved wife Virginia. The new facility was built just 2 miles east of the original shelter’s location. And so the Virginia Miller Animal Shelter now houses the Humane Society of the High Plains.

Animals Are Our Mission

 The Humane Society of the High Plains' mission is to foster the humane treatment of animals through education, human-animal relations, shelter, cruelty reporting and animal control.